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Rich Shumate, Minch Minchin and Aqsa Bashir awarded for top papers.
Rich Shumate, Minch Minchin and Aqsa Bashir awarded for top papers.

CJC graduate students took home top paper awards in three divisions at the 99th annual AEJMC National Conference, held in Minneapolis Aug. 4-7.

In the History Division, Rich Shumate won for “Framing Barry Goldwater: The Extreme Reaction to His 1964 ‘Extremist’ Speech.” In the Minorities and Communication Division, Aqsa Bashir won for “Obsession Over the White: The Effects of Fairness Cream Commercials on Pakistani-American Women,” which was based on her UF master’s thesis.

In the Law and Policy Division, the top paper went to co-authors Minch Minchin, Keran Billaud, Kevin Bruckenstein and Tershone Phillips for “Indecency Four Years After Fox Television Stations: From Big Papi to a Port Star, an Egregious Mess at the FCC Continues.”

UF also took home two second-place awards: Sarah Papadelias in the Law and Policy Division for “A ‘Net’ Gain for Society? Examining the Legal Challenge to the FCC’s Het Neutrality Order” and Rich Shumate in the Graduate Student Research Interest Group for “Guilt by Association: Barry Goldwater, the Anti-Communist Fringe and CBS’s Thunder on the Right.”

In all, 26 UF students authored papers and posters that were presented during the conference.


jschoolThe UF College of Journalism and Communications will welcome new doctoral and master’s students during fall orientation on Thursday, Aug. 18 in Weimer Hall.

The day’s events will kick off at 8:15 a.m. with a meet-and-greet for new and returning students and faculty in the second floor lobby.

The sessions begin will welcoming remarks from Dean Diane McFarlin and the associate deans, as well as department chairs and attending faculty.

New students will also meet our can’t-do-this-without-them graduate staff and get an introduction to the college’s technology. Sessions on academic honesty and library resources will round out the program.

Representatives of the Graduate Students in Mass Communication Association will also be on hand to share their perspectives and lessons learned from life as a graduate student.


Aqsa Bashir, 1st Year Ph.D. Student in Advertising

aqsaWhere were you born, and what do you consider to be your “hometown”? I was born in Lahore, Pakistan and consider that my hometown

What brought you to UF? I felt a need to advance my academic career after working in the industry for two years. While looking for programs, my mentor who is also a Gator alumnus, suggested I look into the advertising program at UF. Knowing this was a high-ranked program, I was thrilled when I did get in.

What is your favorite thing to do in or around Gainesville? Cookouts and thrift storing

What is your favorite movie? “My Fair Lady”

If you were stranded on an island and could choose only one book to read, what would it be? (Kuhn? Popper? Krippendorff? J.K. Rowling? Dr. Seuss?) The Harry Potter Series

What is something interesting about you that your fellow students don’t know? I am a ninja, the one that eats your food when you’re not looking.